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What is Scan2Reward?

Introducing “Scan2Reward” – a professional
solution designed exclusively for trade shows. Scan2Reward revolutionizes trade show
engagement, seamlessly rewarding participation
and enhancing overall event effectiveness







How Do Vendors Receive Booth And Points?

Admins wield powerful tools to allocate points
for vendor QR codes and manage booth
assignments, ensuring a seamless experience. Vendors easily access their booth numbers, points earned, and can generate QR codes
effortlessly, streamlining their participation in
the event.

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How Attendees Access the App:

Attendees can simply download the app
from the Google or Apple Store. Alternatively, for special events, access can
be granted by the app administrator. Once in, attendees enjoy a seamless experience, keeping track of their scans to earn points.






How the QR Code System Open

Admins create QR codes customized for different vendor categories, each linked to specific
scoring metrics. When attendees scan these QR codes, their total score increases, rewarding their active involvement and interaction

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